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Tips for Finished Leather Care

As your Lower Mainland furniture experts, Valley Direct Furniture is pleased to provide you with the following tips for finished leather care. If you have questions, stop by and see us or feel free to use our contact form.

Getting Started

  • Test a hidden area first. Please see instructions for unfinished leathers if there is any darkening.
  • Mix the cleaning solution as follows – pour approximately one ounce (2 caps of the 200ml bottle of Lexol cleaner) into a spray bottle (about 750ml) and add water.
  • Label and keep on hand. This will be enough for many cleanings.

Every month or two, do the following:

  1. Spray cleaner mixture onto leather, usually one seating area at a time and wipe off with dry cloth. Never spot clean or scrub. You can remove colour.
  2. To rinse, wipe leather with damp cloth (water only) and then wipe with dry cloth.
  3. Shake Lexol leather conditioner well and pour a loonie-sized spot on the cushion and spread over leather with a cloth or your hand. Let soak for 5-15 minutes and then lightly buff dry. If the leather is too sticky to buff, add a little conditioner to your cloth and buff dry.

Additional Tips

  • To remove dust, you can wipe a finished leather piece with a damp cloth any time.
  • To clean stubborn stains or ink, clean lightly but more often.
  • Sometimes soaking the stain with Lexol conditioner for 10-15 minutes before cleaning will lift some stains.
  • For oily stains, try rubbing dry corn starch into the stain, leaving overnight and wiping off. Repeat if needed.
  • To help protect and soften leathers, you can do additional conditioning between cleanings.
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